HW.006 Beginner Hula Hooping and Hoop Dancing Fitness Class

Taught by Sirenna Beyer. 5:45-6:45 p.m. Third Tuesdays and every Thursday, Room 333.

Can’t hoop? Haven’t hooped since you were a kid? Then you will fit right in! If you're tired of boring workouts, then come have fun while burning big calories! This upbeat fitness class offers a total body workout, is low impact, strengthens the core and is ideal for cardio. It enhances speed and agility, hand-to-eye coordination and improves balance. Most of all, it is fun! Classes includes a stretch, a warm-up and basic hula hooping instruction to popular music, as well as easy hoop dancing routines, fun games and challenges. Everyone works at their own pace. Custom beginner slow spinning hula hoops are included. Kids are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Child care is not available. For more information, email kchoopgirl@gmail.com.