CL.005 Outside of Ourselves: A Crash Course on Comparative Religions

Taught by Trenton Smith, Ph.D., Village Church member and medieval historian and theologian. 6:30-8 p.m. Wednesdays, Feb. 2-March 2, Room 126 and via Zoom
Vendor: Village U

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Most often, we believe what we believe because of the space, place and time in which we were born. Our understanding of the divine and eternal is informed by the land and waters that are below us; the events that precede us; and the skies that are above us. God is in all places, but humanity’s understanding of God varies from people to people and place to place. In this course, we will learn outside of ourselves and we will seek to understand the major religious traditions of the world as they have evolved and in their own place. Instead of following the usual Western Christian model of learning so that we may convert, we will instead seek to understand without offering counterargument. We will travel the world and listen to the very voice of God as She speaks to her creation. This course is offered in preparation for the 2022 Meneilly Visiting Scholar Lecture Series to be delivered by Kaitlin Curtice, March 4-5. Child care is available. Must register separately for child care.