About us

Village Presbyterian Church is a thoughtful, inclusive family of faith, where incarnation is experienced, relationships are shaped and cherished, mission is a way of life and justice is practiced. Village Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country and a part of the Reformed tradition. All are welcome. All are accepted. All are loved.

At Village, we are with you, wherever you are.



Village Presbyterian Church is a family of faith actively shaped by the life of Christ to love one another, provide leadership for the transformation of our communities, and serve the world.


The mission of Village Presbyterian Church is to see and relate to every person in our communities and the world as loved by God.

We will accomplish our mission by:

Ensuring the congregation is vibrant and grounded in Christian faith which inspires our desire to grow in faith, shapes our love for one another, and focuses our mission.
Proactively providing resources to meet the spiritual needs of a changing community in a changing world.
Shaping our mission and ministry by "defining moments" that embody our vision and demonstrate our faith.‚Äč
Securing sustaining resources for mission and ministry.